Norm Yip | Studio 8 HK

  • Norm’s work was first recognized when his photographs of Asian men were selected to appear in publications 2Blue and Dreamboys 2, both special editions of acclaimed Blue Magazine, known for its excellence in fine art photography. Since then, his work has been featured in The Best of International Nudes Photography III by Feierabend Unique Books and The Romantic Male Nude by James Spada. Most recently, his photography was featured in Physique Pictorial (Edition 43). He published three photography books in the Asian male series, namely The Asian Male – 1.AM, 2.AM and 3.AM, as well as an pilot soft-cover publication Beaux Magazine, V1. All of these can be found on Amazon. Most recently in 2020, he had two solo exhibitions: the first in Bangkok and the second in New York. His photographs and artwork are collected by designers and admirers around the world.
    葉灃「亞裔男色」系列的作品先後得到著名澳洲雜誌 “Blue Magazine” 的專輯 2Blue (2藍) 和 Dreamboys 2 (夢想男孩 2) 的認定,對他的優秀藝術攝影有著崇高的評價。自此而後,葉的作品也相繼獲得德國殿堂級出版社Feierabend Unique Books 出版的 “The Best of International Nudes Photography III” (經典國際藝術攝影選集III),和紐約的 “The Romantic Male Nude” (羅曼蒂克的裸男攝影選集) 收錄在他們的叢書裡。 近期,葉的作品就刊登在 美國的 “Physique Pictorial” (健美畫報 - 第43號)。 葉已經出版了三本以「亞裔男色」為主題的攝影專輯:The Asian Male – 1.AM, 2.AM and 3.AM,與此同時,葉也有編輯一本網上雜誌 Beaux Magazine (俊男) 第一號,都可以在亞馬遜網店上訂購。 2019年下半年,葉分別在曼谷和紐約舉行了兩場個人的藝術攝影展覽; 除了葉的藝術攝影作品, 世界各地的設計師、藝術收藏家等都有收藏他的畫作。
  • https://www.instagram.com/theasianmale/
  • https://www.facebook.com/nyvastudio/
  • https://twitter.com/normyip
  • https://www.youtube.com/c/NormYip